"She tastes like nectar and salt. Nectar and salt and apples. Pollen and stars and hinges. She tastes like fairy tales. Swan maiden at midnight. Cream on the tip of a fox’s tongue. She tastes like hope."

Grounded on earth, unrealistic and blunt. Take it or leave it.

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"When she laughed I wanted her again. A minute later she asked me if I loved her. I told her it didn’t mean anything but that I didn’t think so. She looked sad. But as we were fixing lunch, and for no apparent reason, she laughed in such a way that I kissed her."

- Albert Camus, from The Stranger (via violentwavesofemotion)

"I feel frozen, standing, waiting for the lights to change. I hear nothing. I feel irrelevant. I feel dreamy. It is almost dream like, self created silence."

- Daul Kim (via the-r-world)

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"I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to be anything. I want to disappear elegantly. I want people to look for my goodbye note and find nothing but smoke."

- How To Disappear (And Never Come Back Again) | Lora Mathis (via emotional-intellectual)

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La peau de chagrin (2010)

want more relatable?

"I write
for you."

- Anne Sexton, from The Frog Prince (via likeanoldstory)

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Ama Lur, goddess of the earth in the religion of the ancient Basques, mother of the Sun and the Moon.